There is a vote taking place in parliament this Monday 6th July which will have, if pushed through, radical consequences in regard to abortion regulations and human life in England and Wales.

It is the most significant vote on abortion since 1967. It would introduce abortion on demand, for any reason, up to 28-weeks – along with many other extreme changes.

It is very easy to turn a blind eye to these issues but as followers of Christ we believe in natural conception to natural death and that God decides when these occasions take place. It is the thin end of a wedge which gradually removes the rights of various groups of people. First the very youngest, next the very oldest. Then?

I encourage you, please, to help stop this legislation being pushed through by emailing your MP now asking them to oppose it. This link allows you to send a pre-written email to your and only takes 30-seconds to complete:


UPDATE: This amendment was withdrawn. Many thanks to those who took the time to get in touch with your MP. For more details see here: