You shall do doubt have heard of the recent progressions with churches reopening. As far as our own churches go there are various parts of the risk assessment that we can’t currently comply with and so these need addressing before we progress further. So, unfortunately, we currently remain closed. When nations churches are able to open for Mass the situation will still be the same: stewards and cleaners will be needed. To those parishioners who have volunteered their help: many thanks, it is much appreciated. As soon as we can comply with the risk assessment items we shall move forward on opening for private prayer and subsequently Holy Mass.

In the meantime we have started recording Masses and posting these online as you’ll have seen the other day. The aim is to do this live whenever possible and for this to continue long term even when things start to be less restricted.

We also have a facebook page to help facilitate the flow of information. You’ll find our page here Although it is set up in the name of Saint Charles Church the intention is for it to be for all three of our parishes. Masses will be posted on facebook rather on this website. Additionally they are also being uploaded to youtube at

Any other suggestions let me know…..we listen to how the Lord is leading us in these times and we ask our Blessed Mother to obtain for us the graces we need to implement that which is useful for the building of the Kingdom. Can I ask, if you can’t volunteer in the stewarding and cleaning capacity for whatever reason, that you support the work that needs to happen in this regard by your prayers? Many thanks.


God bless you,

Fr James