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Wednesday, 01 Jul

Now that our three churches are open to the public again, just a reminder that it will not be obligatory to attend Mass on a Sunday yet. If you feel that you ought to still be in isolation then, rest assured, there is no pressure to attend church. Additionally it might be that you want to avoid large gatherings of people and decide to come to a weekday Mass instead. Use your own discretion and do whatever you feel is right for your situation.

The services and Masses from Saint Charles are being shown live online. This will continue as it has become a useful addition to the ministries we offer. The Masses and services stream live on facebook. You don’t need a facebook account to watch them (but it does make it easier to use.) The recording is also put up immediately afterwards on youtube for those who wish to use that option instead.

A reminder of our Mass and service times (and live streaming times on facebook)

Mon-Sat: Rosary & Exposition at 11.40am followed by Mass at 12.10pm

Sunday: Mass at 10am (6.30pm will not be streamed)

You can follow the Mass readings here:

Facebook Link

Youtube link

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