Baptism & 1st Communion

How does 1st Communion work at St Charles?  Our system is in its 2nd year now and has proved to work really well.  I am very grateful to our catechists for all the hard work they put in on our behalf.  It is celebrated on or near the Solemnity of Corpus Christi.  Application forms for the next year are then available in person at church from the following week.  Children should be at least 7 when they apply or will be 7 at the time of 1st Communion.  Families then have until the end of July to return the forms.  Books are then ordered and preparations made.  Classes start in September.  They are immediately after the 10am Mass on a Sunday.  They are not every week but a schedule of lessons will be distributed in September.  Families are expected to attend Mass every weekend (with the obvious exception of illness or family holiday).  Families are expected to attend the 10am Mass prior to a lesson, but on weeks when there is not a lesson they are free to attend a different Mass within our family of three parishes.  Children have a diary card which they get stamped each week when they attend Mass.