What a joy to hear the responses of the people to the prayers at Mass! After our regular Mass times resumed last weekend, people have been returning to our three churches and receiving the sacraments – both Confession and Holy Communion. It certainly has been a great gift of the Lord to us for this to take place. Starting Saturday lunchtime and moving through our Sunday Masses and to this week’s weekday celebrations it has been a testament to the great desire of the people of God to be close to Him and receive Him into their hearts. Deo gratias!

Though we are still somewhat restricted, in that there is no singing and we cannot fill our pews to the full because of social distancing, it still feels a great joy to be together again. Just to look out and see faces seems a great blessing. We pray the Lord guides us as we navigate through these challenging times.

The live streaming, as mentioned previously, will continue to happen each day for those who are in isolation or are housebound. We are united in the Lord by His Spirit and we continue to pray for each other!