Hull Minster event with Bishop Terry

20, Aug 2021

Bishop Terry Drainey and members of a specialised team are presenting some of Pope Francis’ challenging ideas from the Laudato Si document on August 24th at 7pm Hull Minster to which you are invited to attend. A major exhibit of the planet earth will also be on display. This is huge globe hanging in the centre of the minster surrounded by trees, similar to the moon that was displayed a few years ago. (The artist Luke Jerram has called the piece ‘Gaia’ and it runs in the Minster from August 20th to September 5th.) In an evening titled, “Living with Hope – A Future for the Earth?” the message of the Papal Document will be explored. Numbers are limited so it will be first come first served. Information about how to book the free tickets to the Gaia event and attend the “Living with Hope…” evening can be found on Pay a visit to the minster in advance of the evening if you do not have internet access.