As you will have no doubt heard, the government have lifted the restrictions on churches opening for private prayer. This is good news. However it does come with a whole heap of stipulations in regard to – obviously – opening safely. We have purchased the appropriate sanitizing products that are needed and are in many ways ready to go. All we need now are the required volunteers to staff opening hours. We have been informed that they must be under 70 with no underlying health conditions, in line with the already in place isolation restrictions. There must be a minimum of two volunteers during each opening period. Perhaps you and a friend or a family member can do this together? Social distancing is obviously to be observed so it doesn’t necessarily have to be someone from your household.

If you can give some time any day of each week, please get in touch to let me know. We need not only stewards but cleaners (although this role can easily be doubled up if you are prepared to do both.)

This applies to all three parishes and we can only open as and when volunteers are in place.


Many thanks,

Fr James