Christmas Mass Times

Please find below all the Masses that are being celebrated at Saint Charles on the great feast of the Nativity of Our Lord. Carols will be sung at each of them with the organist and choir leading the accompaniment.

It is interesting to note that all the Masses of Christmas are actually slightly different in content. The scriptural passages and accompanying prayers at each Mass progress through the narrative of Christmas and so, if a person was inclined to go to all of the Masses, they would get the gradual unfolding of the proceedings of the night of the Lord’s birth.

Christmas Eve

Tuesday 24th December


The first Mass of Christmas here at Saint Charles, known also as the Vigil Mass.

Church will be open from 5.30pm onwards

12 Midnight (carols @ 11.30pm)

For those who can stay up perhaps a little later than usual the celebration of the ‘Mass of Midnight’ will take place here at the traditional time for the celebration of this great feast.

Preceded by carol singing from 11.30pm onwards

Christmas Day

Wednesday 25th December


TheĀ  ‘Mass of Christmas Day’ and the main celebration here at Saint Charles on Christmas day itself.

Church will be open from 10am onwards